About Us

Eastern Eccentric is high quality clothing for the discerning modern man: A man who would be happy to wear a hand printed garment on any occasion, whether it be the office, a film set or at play.

We offer a collection of bespoke Shirts, Boxer Shorts and Swimming Shorts. All our garments are made from traditional hand block printed cotton and fashioned by the best cotton tailors in Jaipur.

The shirts and boxers are made from light shirting fabric, either Kamaric cotton, with a thread count of 92 x 80, or Malmal cotton and with a thread count of 92 x 88.

They are deliberately loose fitting, each unique in its hand printing and with a custom cuff lining individually chosen by our master tailor, Laxman. Each individual shirt is a one off unique combination of handprint and cuff lining.

The swimmers are tailored using a combination of Sheet cotton, with a thread count of 20 x 20, and Malmal cotton. They are for the man who enjoys water-sports, and have supporting inner cotton muslin jock strap.

The boxer shorts are in the same fine cotton as the shirting, in complementary block prints. Based on a classic boxer short with an Eastern Eccentric twist.
We believe in good value, and we will ship to you wherever you are, included in the price of the garment you choose.

All our garments are hand made and take time to create - six weeks end to end. All the fabric is hand block printed in short runs. This is why we only have limited quantities at one time, and they will sell out. We will re-order but each similar item is always slightly different from the last.