Clothes And Your Relationship

Around 80% of women purchase clothes for their partner, and the colours and styles they choose can reveal a lot about their relationship.

According to recent surveys in UK, women buy clothes for their man for two main reasons – because they like the item, and because it will look good on their partner.

Customer profiling by UK retailer in 2013 found that:

Women who buy high quality clothes for their partner are exacting, discriminating and poised. They can be sensitive and refined and, while seeking the same in their man, persevere to create a stable relationship.

Women who buy unique and bespoke clothes for their man are complex, imaginative and original, the type of woman that expects a lot of herself - and her man.

Women who buy swimwear for their partner are supportive, energetic and fun-loving types who enjoy sharing interests with their partner.

Women who purchase boxer-style briefs for their man are down-to-earth, home-loving types who seek an uncomplicated life – and the same from their partner.

Women who chose light or pastel colours are dependable, cautious types whose relationship is based on strong values of depth, security and inner confidence.

Women who choose dark or bold colours for their man are highly individual, witty and fastidious, and they like, or want, their partner to be strong and assertive.

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** Taken from customer profiles and surveys at in 2013


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