Men, Clothes and Personality

Male shopping secrets are out! Surveys show that while shopping for others, 63% of men also buy themselves a ‘special’ present.

47% of men buy an item of clothing and the style, quality and colour they choose can reveal much about themselves. According to a yearlong study by UK retailer**:

Men who choose bright or bold colours are confident, adventurous and impulsive types, ambitious, restless and quick to judge other people.

Men who choose light or pastel colours are dependable, cautious types with strong values of depth, security and inner confidence.

Men who buy hand-made shirts are shrewd types with a good business head and strong sense of humour that prefer independence.

Men who buy unique, one-of-a-kind clothes are individual types who are secure, wise and imaginative and who seek novelty and self-fulfillment.

Men who buy shorts or swimwear are active, energetic and fun-loving types equally at home on a surfboard or raving in a club.

Men who buy functional low-cost clothes are quiet and realistic types that prefer to spend money on more essential items.

Men who buy boxer-style briefs are sensible, down-to-earth guys who stay faithful to their partners. - 100% hand-made clothes - for the individual inside everyone…

Eastern Eccentric clothes:
* Are 100% hand made (the fabrics, the labels, the woodblocks used for printing, the manufacturing process - even the paper and string used in the bags they’re packed in).
* Are unique. Every item is different.
* Come in a range of (how many) colours and bespoke designs.
* Have oversize mother of pearl buttons and come with mother of pearl cufflinks.
* Come individually packed in a hand-made muslin drawstring bag.

** Taken from customer profiles and surveys at in 2013

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